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No child forgets the after effects of domestic violence abuse.  Every child who has had to cope with domestic violence scenarios has a part of the mental and physical visuals throughout their daily existence.

It is a fact that roughly 5 million children in the United States witness domestic violence on a yearly basis.  Children who grew/or are currently growing up in violent homes, have a higher rate of growing up with psychological problems, have lower IQ scores, ADHD, and some even experience memory loss.  Violence is all these children see, so they are 74% more likely to commit violent crimes towards another individual.  The more detrimental part is that children of violent homes are 6 times more than like to commit suicide and more than half turn to drug and alcohol abuse.

Many victims often put into their heads that their children will grow up unaffected.  But in today’s society, children of domestic violence households are more likely to repeat the violent cycle in their adult lives.  For most children, violence is all that they know.

Victims can make a huge impact in their child’s lives by doing the following:

  • Encourage your child/ren that it is NOT their fault;
  • Let them know that violence is wrong and fill their hearts with love and compassion;
  • Let them know that they are special;
  • Let them know that they are not responsible for the actions of others;
  • Get them psychological help

If you or a loved one is in a abusive relationship where children are involved, and need knowledge or assistance intervening, please email help@survivetothriveglobal.org




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  • Maritza

    says on:
    August 31, 2018 at 5:34 am

    I jus got out of a ABUSIVE marriage mybson is 5 he witness violence him n his sister. Now they have issues and idk how to talk to them since im always woeking to provide For them ahould i look for therapy dor all of us or counseling??

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