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The true meaning of domestic violence is the act of violence or other abuse caused by one person against another person in a domestic setting such as in cohabitation or in a marriage.  In today’s society, domestic violence can occur amongst former or current heterosexual and/or same-sex partners.  Domestic violence can involve children, elderly and/or parents.


There are all types of Domestic Violence.  These types include but are not to be limited to physical, emotional, economic, religious, sexual, verbal and/or reproductive abuse.  The different types can be acted out in the form of beating, vaginal mutilation, choking, rape, and worst death.   But no matter the type, no woman or man should have to experience the aftermath of a domestic violence relationship.


If you or a loved one is either living in or showing signs of living in an abusive relationship, and need assistance, please contact Survive to Thrive Global immediately.

Remember, you do not have to be alone!  Whether it is an ear to listen, legal help or shelter, Survive to Thrive Global is here to assist!


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